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6490 Controllers

Baelz Products: 6490 Controllers

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Specializing in control system components of all kinds, Baelz NA offers digital temperature controllers to fit a variety of temperature ranges, inputs/outputs, voltages, interfaces, and alarm requirements. These powerful process control tools offer simple, straightforward per-formance and operation, keeping your system’s temperatures regulated, reliable, and pre-cisely where you want them to be.

The 6490 model from Baelz NA is a front panel mount design with a 96 x 96mm face.

6490 Model Digital Temperature Controllers

Process controllers offer critical temperature management and monitoring. The tools read a signal from a temperature device such as an RTD, thermocouple, or pressure/flow/level sensor, and use this information to maintain a consistently set temperature point.

Digital temperature controllers use advanced technology and auto-tuning PID control to keep process temperatures operating at continuous levels with precision and efficiency. Some are built to control both heating and cooling simultaneously.

The 6490 model does not offer position feedback, but is available with a wide range of other design configurations.

Digital Temperature Controllers at Baelz NA

All components from Baelz are built for high performance, energy savings, and competitive cost. Baelz NA supplies to all North American customers with the benefits of local service, a dedicated staff of specialists, and available inventory.

Baelz North America offers a complete catalogue of control components, including actuators, heat exchangers, automation skid packages, control valves and controllers, assemblies, engineered systems, and more.

Reach out to our team today to find out why.


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