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actuators-group-inset-bg-white.jpgActuators induce mechanical action by converting electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic signal into motion. They are found across many industries in applications where precision valve control is needed. Electric linear actuators offer superior precision, while pneumatic linear actuators are essential to applications where speed, for the opening or closing of valves, is required. Such actuators may commonly be found in valve control applications across wood, automotive, food and beverage, chemical, and energy operations.

At Baelz NA, our electric and pneumatic actuators are engineered with precise or quick positioning support and feature a long service life, even environments with high ambient temperatures or in harsh classified environments.

Electric Linear Actuators

Electric linear actuators convert rotational motion into straight line movements. They are known for their excellent repeatability and precision when operated in applications requiring specific valve positioning. They can be easily mounted on all DIN or ANSI valves and offer versatility with the following power supply option: 115V, 230V, or 24V. An electric motor turns the spindle up or down, which pushes or pulls the control valve spindle.

These actuators are manufactured for exceptional performance with low maintenance requirements. They may also be controlled digitally for exact valve positioning operations.

Pneumatic Linear Actuators

When a process requires emphasis on speed without compromising performance, pneumatic linear actuators are a good fit. These devices utilize compressed air to push or pull the spindle upward or downward as required by the valve’s position.

They are built with internal springs to set a desired fail open or fail closed positions in the event of outage. Internal springs come in different strengths tailored to meet pressure requirements. Pneumatic linear actuators are available in varying sizes to meet maximum stroke and operating pressures. 

Electric Rotary Actuators

Motorized rotating actuators serve as positioning devices for ventilating flaps or valves. These actuators transmit force using a driven shaft. A fixing plate is provided for actuators mounted in air or gas ducts, and a lever system is supplied for connecting the driven shaft to the flap. The driven shaft possesses a rotating angle of 90°.

Baelz provides two types of electric rotary actuators – 375-E03 and 375-E41 – that can easily be installed with three-way cocks, air louvers, or butterfly valves.

Baelz Actuators

Baelz is dedicated to developing high-performance actuators for a comprehensive range of applications. Our actuators can be used in many explosion proof or hazardous environments. All of Baelz actuators can support extreme cold temperatures as low as -40° C. Our electric actuator can be supplied with stainless steel hoods, internal heaters and thermostats.

We maintain high inventory levels within the United States to ensure quick delivery of products to our North American customers. As part of our service portfolio, we also provide on-site and off-site equipment support. Our experts can help you select the best actuator solution for your industrial application. We possess unmatched expertise in valve technology, and our actuator solutions all come with a full factory warranty.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more about our actuator product line and related services.


Baelz North America offers a complete catalogue of control components, including actuators, heat exchangers, automation skid packages, control valves and controllers, assemblies, engineered systems, and more.

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