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Baelz N.A. offers a wide range of electric and pneumatic lift actuators, and electric motor rotary actuators for control systems. Our pneumatic and electric lift actuators are designed for high operational safety and reliability, quick positioning, high ambient temperatures, and can be utilized in classified environments. The actuators switch from air-to-open to air-to-close without the use of special tools.

Electric Linear Actuators

Offered in multiple sizes with a wide range of options to suit most any application.

Electric Rotary Actuators

Electric motor rotary actuators are offered in two sizes and can be mounted on dampers or butterfly valves.

Pneumatic Linear Actuators

Available in multiple sizes and a variety of lift pressures, and can be designated fail in either the open or close position.


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Component Brochure

Component Brochure
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Three Way Control Valves

Three Way Control Valves
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