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Control Valves

Control Valve 347 Model

Baelz North America (Baelz NA) offers high-performance 2-way and 3-way control valves with both electrical and pneumatic operation. These valves consist of three main components: a valve body, actuator, and spindle/plug.

Different valve and actuator sizes with multiple options are available whether being used to process water, steam, gas, oil, or other media — each varying in flow rate, temperature, and pressures — can be mixed and matched to create the valve best suited for the application and necessary operation modes.

2-way valves contain one inlet and one outlet port, referred to as “A” and “AB,” respectively. 3-way valves contain three ports, “A”, “AB,” and “B”. For higher temperature applications, to extend the life of the seals and other internal components of the valves, a stainless-steel bellows option is available to extend the life of the seals and other internal components of the valves.

2-Way Valves

2-way valves are relatively straightforward to use; their simplicity allows customers to save on operating costs and energy. Ideal for basic on/off applications, 2-way valves can also manage variable flow systems with changing pressures. The Baelz 2-way control valve is available in multiple sizes and suitable for heating and cooling hot oil, water, and steam applications.

3-Way Valves

3-way valves can be oriented as both a mixing and diverting valves; using two inlets and one outlet for mixing applications and using one inlet and two outlets in diverting applications.

3-way valves offer superior leakage protection, stainless steel spindle and plug which help extend the life of the valve. A Baelz 3-way valve can easily be converted to a 2-way valve by using a blind flange to cap off the bottom “B” port of the valve.

Industries Using Our Control Valves:

  • Wood
  • Automotive
  • Food
  • Municipal Steam
  • Marine
  • Petroleum

At Baelz North America, our valves are available with MTR/CRN certificates in compliance with US and Canadian standards, respectively for both DIN and ANSI standards. The products are factory tested and meet the necessary tests to be compliant. To learn more about Baelz North America control valves and our other high-quality and engineered systems, contact us today.

Baelz North America offers a complete catalogue of control components, including actuators, heat exchangers, automation skid packages, control valves and controllers, assemblies, engineered systems, and more.

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Three Way Control Valves
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